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Staying Connected
Ria | May 8, 2020
One of the hardest parts about the transition to online learning was not being able to see my friends. The people around me are absolutely wonderful, and I normally look forward to seeing them eve...
My Semester Studying Abroad
Olivia | April 24, 2020
I set off to Scotland on January 7 of 2020, ready for nearly five full months of adventure. I had heard amazing things about Edinburgh; though studying in the city where Harry Potter was written d...
Finding Faith at Penn
Olivia | April 23, 2020
I have been very lucky to be a part of many communities at Penn, but one that has been most influential to my time in college has been the Penn Catholic Newman Center. The Newman Center has provid...
A Look Inside the Wharton COVID-19 Course
Ria | April 14, 2020
Three of my favorite things about academics at Wharton are that: There are a lot of classes that have travel components to them There are plenty of half credit courses available which run ...
How I Got Involved with the Pan Asian American Cultural House
Ria | February 28, 2020
The Pan-Asian American Cultural House, also known as PAACH, is a place on campus that has come to mean a lot to me in a short amount of time. It is one of the three cultural resource centers on ca...
Philadelphia and Beyond!
Karin | February 27, 2020
While I love the excitement that comes with being on campus during the week, sometimes the best way to relax and unwind without taking a full-blown vacation is leaving University City and explorin...