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International Aid

Our students from around the globe are such an important part of Penn’s community. We’re proud that International students ARE eligible to receive financial aid from Penn!

Financial aid for international applicants is a bit different from aid for domestic students. Penn is need-aware for international applicants, non-citizens, and non-permanent residents of the United States, Canada, and Mexico. This means a family’s ability to pay does factor into admissions decisions. International students who want to be considered for financial aid must apply for it at the same time they apply for admissions. Requests for financial aid after being admitted cannot be considered.

Each year, Penn commits millions of dollars in undergraduate aid funds to support international students. International students admitted as financial aid recipients will receive need-based aid that covers 100% of their demonstrated need, just like a domestic student. Because need does factor into international admissions decisions, candidates whose families have the financial means to afford education costs are encouraged not to apply for financial aid.

Financial Aid Application Process

Important points to consider if you’re concerned about your family's ability to meet the full cost of Penn for four years and wish to apply for financial aid:

  • International students, including students from Mexico, should follow the Checklist for International Students on the Student Financial Services website.
  • Citizens and permanent residents of Canada must complete Penn's Financial Aid Application for Canadian Citizens and submit copies of the student’s and parents' Canadian tax returns. See the Checklist for Canadian Citizens on the Student Financial Services website.
  • Penn will not admit a financial aid candidate for whom we cannot provide aid. This means that some otherwise qualified candidates will not be admitted.
  • International applicants who anticipate the need for financial aid at any time during their four-year course of study must make this anticipated need known at the time of application.

Please visit International Student Financial Aid and the FAQ for more information.