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Tips for Surviving Your First Philadelphia Winter
Ria | February 15, 2019
Are you a west coast kid who is dreading their first winter? An equatorial individual who basks in the heat and is nervous about going to college where it’s cold? Never fear! I, a certified S...
Overcoming Fear and Finding My Best Friend
Izzy | February 8, 2019
I admit I’m a social person. I love to be with other people and I feel more energized after talking to a friend about their recent date or visit home. Still, even extroverted people, people who ...
Paying it Forward with Access Engineering
Olivia | February 4, 2019
Before coming to Penn, I had never tried computer science. Though I was applying to the engineering school, I knew very little about the different engineering majors and didn’t know how to find ...
My Experiences in the Penn Band
Miles | January 28, 2019
I knew from the very beginning that I was going to do music at Penn. As fun as singing is for me, I didn’t think I had the chops to join one of the university’s many a capella groups. I consid...
My "Winter” Break in South Africa
Alex | January 22, 2019
This semester – for the first time since I’ve been a Penn student – I happened to be enrolled in 5 classes with take-home papers instead of final examinations. With the prospect of working o...
My Research Experience Abroad
Kaylah | January 8, 2019
The summer before senior year of college is always the time when students scurry to find meaningful internships and jobs that will help to define their post-undergraduate path. In my final summer ...