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How I Found My Way to Penn
Alex | December 13, 2019
I am now halfway through my junior year at Penn, and I still find myself mind-boggled that I made it here -- to this place more than 8,000 miles away from my home in Johannesburg, and lightyears a...
Finding Community
Karin | December 9, 2019
To say I was overwhelmed with the possibilities for community when I came to Penn is an understatement. With hundreds of clubs, classes, sports teams, and more, it felt like there were endless opt...
Running the Philadelphia Marathon
Olivia | December 6, 2019
Three months ago, my friends convinced me to sign up for the Philadelphia marathon. Running a marathon has always been one of my life’s bucket list items, but I never thought it would happen...
Exploring Different Classes
Olivia | December 5, 2019
I am a computer science student, but I have always loved the humanities, particularly art and literature. I knew coming into Penn that I wouldn’t just be taking engineering classes – I wanted ...
Taking a Graduate Class as an Undergrad, and Why You Should Too!
Miles | December 2, 2019
“Take a graduate-level course freshman year? There’s no way I can do that!” That was my response when my academic advisor, well aware of my obsession with public transportation, tried to con...
My Application Process
Sophie | November 30, 2019
No one high school senior’s college process is the same as the next. Regardless of outcomes and final school placements, everyone arrives at their final destination in their own unique way. When...