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Why You Should Stop Worrying and Enjoy Your Semester
Izzy Lopez | November 15, 2018
Stress is inevitable on a college campus. Tests, essays, work-study jobs, interviews. Sometimes, it feels like the “best years of your life” are actually the “most stressed years of your lif...
Find a Way or Make One
Ria Chinchankar | November 13, 2018
Hello! My name is Ria, and I’m a freshman in Wharton who moved to Philadelphia from Dubai. I can’t wait to share my first year learnings and adventures with you!  When I first got to c...
A Journey of Personal Growth
Queenie Lam | November 12, 2018
As a senior, I embarked on a search for meaningful courses to take during my last year at Penn. Up to this point, I restricted myself to taking classes for my major and classes that would “look ...
A Unique Move-in Experience
Chinaza Ruth Okonkwo | November 9, 2018
Unlike most freshman in the Class of 2022, I have had three separate move-in days, which means three different ways to decorate my various dorms and three different homes all before the school yea...
Lunchtime: Still Special In College
Zach Essig | November 8, 2018
If you have researched or visited Penn, I am sure that you have heard all about the four undergraduate schools, Locust Walk, the Palestra, and maybe even very “Penn” majors such as PPE (Politi...
Service to Society
Kaylah Walton | October 26, 2018
Penn is a community of its own. With all of the activities at Penn, it can sometimes be hard to imagine all of the opportunities that are available in the surrounding West Philly area. While in hi...