Penn Around the World

Joining Penn offers the unique opportunity to become part of a vibrant global community, providing a chance for you to advance your academic, personal, and professional goals through global immersion, faculty-led seminars, research, policy, and much more. 

Here at Penn, we believe in the value of pursuing intellectual and personal passions without borders – and whether on campus or abroad, global opportunities are abundant. Penn Abroad programs offer the opportunity to globalize your Penn experience in over 50 countries through long and short-term study, research, and internships. Perry World House programs offer the opportunity to meet with world leaders and engage with the most-pressing global issues of today, all while staying on campus.  

Though we may be based in Philly, our approach to education is global.  

Global Opportunities


Global opportunities are essential to the Penn experience. Regardless of your class year or school, there are many ways for you to globalize your time at Penn. 

Semester Abroad


While participating in a semester abroad program, you have the opportunity to establish yourself in a new global community through extended study for a semester or year. Beginning in 2025, students will also have the opportunity to earn Penn credit for courses taken abroad at select partner institutions over the summer.

Penn Global Seminars


Penn Global Seminars (PGS) combine intensive semester-long study with a short-term travel component that deepens your understanding of concepts discussed in the classroom. 

Intern and Research Abroad


The Global Research and Internship Program (GRIP) gives you the opportunity to gain hands-on experience interning or conducting research with a wide variety of organizations and companies around the globe. 

Penn Global Research Institutes (PGRI) provide the opportunity to conduct research abroad alongside Penn faculty. 

Global Policy Fellowship


The World House Student Fellows program is Perry World House’s flagship program for undergraduates to gain experience bridging the gap between the academic and policy worlds. A defining feature of the program is the year-long policy project, for which Fellows form teams to address a global issue identified under faculty supervision.