Interschool Minors

Penn undergraduates can pursue specialized, inter-school minors that combine disciplines from more than one of the University’s 12 Schools. This enables students to pursue individualized interests and to interact with students and professors from beyond their primary area of study. 

College of Arts and Sciences and the Graduate School of Education


Urban Education 

Penn offers an interdisciplinary minor in Urban Education to engage students in community service, research, and teaching within local schools, providing insight into the complexities of urban education and offering pathways towards teaching careers. 

College of Arts and Sciences and Penn Engineering


Cognitive Science  

The cognitive science minor studies the human mind through biology, computer science, linguistics, mathematics, neuroscience, philosophy, and psychology, while exploring language processing, perception, learning, and more. 

College of Arts and Sciences and School of Nursing

Two Penn Nursing instructors and three nursing students stand in scrubs around a hospital bed. There is a patient mannequin lying in the hospital bed and an instructor is demonstrating patient care for the watching students.


Penn’s nutrition minor presents a broad view of nutrition and illustrates the pervasiveness of nutrition-related issues in such diverse disciplines as anthropology, neuroscience, economics, folklore, history, physiology, psychology, health care, and public policy. 

College of Arts and Sciences and School of Design


Landscape Studies  

The Minor in Landscape Studies provides students with an opportunity to learn about the design, shaping, and transformation of landscapes throughout human history. 

College of Arts and Sciences and the Wharton School

Public Policy

American Public Policy 

The minor in American Public Policy enables undergraduates interested in American Public Policy to construct an integrated program across the University. Students choose courses from two departments: Political Science and Business Economics and Public Policy.


Neuroscience and Health Care Management Minor 

This minor is designed to provide students with exposure to two related areas: study in neuroscience and behavioral biology, as a leading example of the bioscience enterprise, and health services management. 


Consumer Psychology 

The unique minor is designed to promote the link between experimental psychology and marketing. Only with knowledge of consumer psychology can you properly connect a corporate strategy with consumers. 


Legal Studies and History  

This unique program enables those interested in exploring multiple perspectives on law as an inter-school supplement to their major field of study.


Sustainability and Environmental Management 

The Sustainability and Environmental Management minor focuses on understanding environmental constraints for organizations and individuals in the modern world, integrating them into decision-making processes for both for-profit and non-profit organizations. 

real estate

Urban Real Estate and Development 

This minor, co-sponsored by Real Estate (Wharton) and Urban Studies (Arts and Sciences), is designed to enable students to combine an interest in Urban Studies and Real Estate Development.