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Academics Experience

You might be wondering– how do I choose which academic areas to pursue at Penn? Well, we’re here to tell you that the possibilities are endless for all that you can explore and the paths you’ll create…

So here’s the deal: Penn has four undergraduate schools that each offer unique opportunities. When you apply, you’ll need to choose which of our four schools you want to attend. This doesn’t mean you’re choosing a major or limiting yourself—interdisciplinarity is in our DNA, so students are welcome to take courses across all four schools (and they’re all within walking distance from each other!).

We believe that college is supposed to be a time to explore all that interests you, no matter how similar or different. So here’s our advice: as you explore academics at Penn, start with the areas that are most interesting to you and figure out what you *might* want to pursue from there. And remember, you’re never stuck or bound to any one thing here. All of your passions and interests will find a home right here at Penn.