Health & Safety

The health, safety and general well-being of every student is a priority at Penn. From healthcare services including medical care and counseling, to campus wide safety programs, we are dedicated to fostering a healthy and safe environment for all members of our community.  

Healthcare at Penn

Our state-of-the-art medical and counseling centers are designed to provide high-quality, accessible and compassionate care for undergraduate, graduate, and professional students during their academic journey.  

Student receiving medical care at our Nursing clinic

Medical Services  

Students can access medical services through the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, located within walking distance from campus, and in our Student Health Center. 

Medical services include: 

  • Allergy Injections             
  • Gynecologic Care               
  • Immunizations 
  • LGBTQ Care                        
  • Nutrition                            
  • Primary Care 
  • Sexual Health                     
  • Sports Medicine               
  • Travel Medicine 

Counseling Services 

Mental healthcare is healthcare! We know your journey throughout Penn might lead to a range of emotions as you adjust to new classes, make new friends, and find your way around a new campus. As you navigate your time at Penn, we’re here to help you make your mental health and well-being a priority. We’re here to support you through our mental health and counseling services that are available for all students.  

Counseling Services include:  

  • Individual Therapy                 
  • Group Therapy                  
  • Culturally-focused Counseling 
  • Drop-In Services                              
  • Psychiatric Medication Management  
  • International Student Services                        
  • Referral Services          
  • Sexual Trauma Treatment Outreach and Prevention (STTOP) 

Safety and Security at Penn

When you step foot on Penn’s campus, you’ll be immersed in Philadelphia’s large urban setting yet small town vibe. And it’s our priority to make sure you feel safe no matter where you are within our community.  The dedicated personnel of The Division of Public Safety (DPS) are responsible for enhancing the quality of life, safety, and security of our community. The Division accomplishes its mission through the delivery of a comprehensive and integrated safety and security program, in partnership with the community that we serve. 

Your Division of Public Safety is here for you, 24/7/365. DPS has seven departments under the direction of the Office of the Vice President. These departments include Fire & Emergency Services, Finance & Administration, Information & Security Technology, PennComm Emergency Communications Center, Penn Police, Security Services, and Special Services.  The Penn Police Department is responsible for community-based policing in its patrol zone, which extends from 30th street to 43rd street, and from Market Street to Baltimore Avenue.