Greenfield Intercultural Center

As one of Penn’s six cultural resource centers, the mission of the Albert M. Greenfield Intercultural Center (GIC) is to build community, create a sense of belonging, and foster intercultural understanding. 

The Greenfield Intercultural Center (GIC) has provided a safe space for intercultural dialogue and interaction with students, faculty, staff, and visitors from around the globe since 1984. As an intercultural hub on campus, the Center offers experiential courses, innovative programs, and individual coaching and advising for students.  

In partnership with the Weingarten Center, GIC provides weekly learning community sessions throughout the semester where specialists and experts facilitate sessions that address learning strategies and course-specific questions and problems. The Center also advises and supports many diverse student organizations such as the United Minorities Council and Natives at Penn. 

Six of Penn’s United Minorities Council students stand in a row in an apple orchard holding bags of apples they picked during a GIC event.

Our United Minorities Council (UMC) at a board retreat at Linvilla Orchards to kick off the academic year!

You might come to Penn and decide that you want to learn more about yourself or get to know a community with which you are unfamiliar. Alternatively, you may just want to unwind between classes and engage with students who have different experiences from yours. Whatever your motivation, come hungry! Sharing meals, whether it be during Pancake Mondays, Immigration Series, or FruiTea, is a vital part of GIC’s missions. No matter your goals or identity, you're invited to drop by the GIC anytime! 

GIC Commitments:

  • Develop your sense of self-advocacy, self-awareness, and self-love.
  • Challenge you and others to reflect on our shared humanity.
  • Create a space where you feel nurtured, and you can nurture others.
  • Empower you to build intercultural leadership skills for an interconnected and global world.