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Apply For Admission

The college application process is a meaningful journey that encourages you to reflect on yourself, your community, and your interests. Your voice and experiences matter, and we can’t wait to hear your story.

When applying to Penn, you will be asked to choose one of our four undergraduate schools or a coordinated dual-degree, accelerated, or specialized program that will serve as home base throughout your academic journey. Your application will be reviewed in the context of the school or program to which you have applied. Prior to preparing your application, we encourage you to learn more about our undergraduate schools and our coordinated dual degree programs and specialized programs. We also provide many ways to engage with these programs throughout the admissions cycle.

All admitted students will be admitted to the specific school or program for which they applied. Your admitted school or program will shape your curriculum, and your Penn degree will come from that specific school or program. That said, all undergraduate students at Penn will also gain a strong foundation in the liberal arts and sciences and have the ability to take classes across all four schools.

As you prepare for your application journey, we encourage you to explore your interests and to hear from current students as they share their personal journeys at Penn.

The Application

Once you’ve decided to apply to Penn, this is a great place to start. To begin, you should select the application process that is right for you: are you applying as a first-year or transfer student?