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To Externship or Not To Externship?
Nina Solis | January 30, 2018
Although it is a bit early to start applying to nurse externship programs, many hospitals have already started advertising for various programs they offer. As someone who has completed a student n...
Finding Home in Asian American Studies
Seung-Hyun Chung | January 30, 2018
Penn fits in an alternative definition of home for me. This home offers both challenges and moments of connection. More than anything, Penn has been a place of growing pain and constant change. I�...
To 2018 & A New Semester
Olivia O'Dwyer | January 29, 2018
2017 was big. It’s the year I graduated high school, ending eighteen years of living at home and going to school at 8 am everyday and coming home to eat dinner with my family, and it’s the yea...
Discovering the World of Math
Anova Sahoo | January 23, 2018
With many mathematicians in my family, my childhood rebellion took the form of a rejection of any interest in the field in favor of biology and chemistry – admittedly not much of a rebellion! Th...
Dancing in Philadelphia
Antía Vázquez | January 22, 2018
There is an incredible range of dance and performance groups on campus. So, if you like to dance, odds are you’ll find a group that fits your style and technical background, while simultaneously...
The importance of wellness on campus
Antía Vázquez | December 13, 2017
At times, a school like Penn is likely to have high-pressure, competitive environments. Sometimes it’s easy to be completely absorbed by them, particularly during midterms and finals season. I b...