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Friends Become Family
Ria | March 18, 2019
Making friends in college is a lot more spontaneous than I expected it to be. For example, I was seated at Hill Dining Hall during New Student Orientation with some people in my hall and someo...
Club Applications: The One Thing Everyone Does at Penn
Alex | March 15, 2019
Towards the end of Penn’s week of New Student Orientation – after days of free food, introductory talks and tours of campus buildings  – Locust walk is abuzz with the sounds of students...
Connecting Over Restaurant Week
Kaylah | March 14, 2019
For all Penn foodies, Restaurant Week is one of the best times of the semester. As a member of Penn Appétit, one of Penn’s cooking clubs, this is definitely true for me! Center City, Philadelph...
Exploring Philadelphia on Foot
Olivia | March 11, 2019
Running has always been my way of exploring a new place. When my family and I visited Canada this summer, one of my favorite memories was exploring the city by trying out a new running route. By a...
Defining Success
Ria | March 4, 2019
In Wharton, all freshmen need to take a class called Wharton 101. It consists of a 200 person lecture and a 60 person recitation. In the lecture, the heads of departments demonstrate problem-solvi...
How I Nearly Failed My First Class At Penn
Izzy | March 1, 2019
When I was in high school, my greatest fear was failing a class. I’m exaggerating of course. There were things I feared more - spiders, heights, walking through the hallway with my backpack unzi...