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The Opportunity in Interdisciplinary
Olivia | April 2, 2018
Growing up, I rotated through a growing list of possible career choices and majors, including but not limited to an actress, architect, author, lawyer, doctor, teacher, something business-related,...
Writing My First Full-Length Play
Seung-Hyun | March 29, 2018
This semester, I had the opportunity to develop my senior thesis play thanks to the Penn Plays Fellowship, a playwriting collaboration between the Kelly Writers House and the Theatre Arts Program....
What makes Penn feel like home?
Nina | March 9, 2018
As I transition into my final semester at Penn, I’ve been taking a lot of time to reflect on the past four years and how they’ve shaped me into the person I am right now, sitting on my bed, ty...
Student Interview
Antía | March 5, 2018
Hi everybody!I have come to realize that one of the most valuable resources I discovered during the application process to Penn was having had the opportunity to talk/meet other students that were...
Finding a Roommate
Olivia | March 1, 2018
I was just thinking back to the hundreds of accepted students that came to Penn for ConnectED day a few weeks ago, a day that feels startlingly recent for something that took place a year ago for ...
Summer Program for Undergraduate Research (SPUR)
Kelsey | February 27, 2018
Hi everyone! I hope you all are doing well, and surviving the end-of-winter slump! I realized I never talked about what I did this summer, but it was a very cool opportunity and so I figured...