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Volunteer Work in College
Nina Solis | November 21, 2017
Since high school I’ve been very interested in dedicating time to support causes that are near to my heart. Thankfully, during my time at Penn I’ve had many opportunities to volunteer. While I...
Celebrating Women in Science
Olivia O'Dwyer | November 10, 2017
When I told people I was studying engineering at college, I received a variety of different reactions, but one I commonly heard was that I should prepare to be surrounded by men in my classes. Thi...
Why I wear scrubs four days a week
Kelsey Gross | November 3, 2017
Hi everyone, This post is about my nursing clinicals this semester! As a first semester junior, I am taking N245 (first half of the semester) and N255 (second half). N245 is an introductory cou...
Making Time for Fun!
Nina Solis | November 1, 2017
It’s finally the time of year where the air is getting chilly, warm beverages are abundant, and I can wear layers of comfy clothes to all of my classes without feeling sweaty and gross...
Bursting the “Penn Bubble”
Kelsey Gross | October 25, 2017
With a super busy clinical schedule and classes, it seems impossible at times to escape Penn’s campus, which is such a shame because Philly is such an amazing city (in my opinion, the best city ...
A Home Away from Home
Antía Vázquez | October 24, 2017
Given that it’s Thanksgiving weekend, I originally thought it would be a good idea to write about the importance of going home over the holidays, spending time with the family, seeing old friend...