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Student Interview
Antía Vázquez | March 5, 2018
Hi everybody!I have come to realize that one of the most valuable resources I discovered during the application process to Penn was having had the opportunity to talk/meet other students that were...
Finding a Roommate
Olivia O'Dwyer | March 1, 2018
I was just thinking back to the hundreds of accepted students that came to Penn for ConnectED day a few weeks ago, a day that feels startlingly recent for something that took place a year ago for ...
Summer Program for Undergraduate Research (SPUR)
Kelsey Gross | February 27, 2018
Hi everyone! I hope you all are doing well, and surviving the end-of-winter slump! I realized I never talked about what I did this summer, but it was a very cool opportunity and so I figured...
What makes Penn feel like home?
Olivia O'Dwyer | February 12, 2018
When I toured Penn, I gazed around at the grand, beautiful buildings, took that cliché tourist picture in front of the LOVE statue, and observed the students walking down Locust Walk, each engros...
About Scrubs
Kelsey Gross | February 10, 2018
As someone who loved fashion in high school, I feel it is my duty to warn any fashion lover contemplating nursing school that these upcoming years may not be your most fashion-forward. Before y...
Super Bowl Sunday: From Huntsman to Center City
Anova Sahoo | February 7, 2018
So I’ll be the first to admit, my favorite part of the super bowl is the food and the ads. Naturally, I was excited when my friend said he had already bought food and was having a showing party ...