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Penn Admissions Blog
Kaylah | October 16, 2018
I originally came into this research university with a very strict idea of what it means to do research; I thought of scientists with lab coats and test tubes, or historians visiting an archeologi...
Changing Majors
Olivia | October 16, 2018
Throughout high school, I changed my mind over what I wanted to pursue in college about every six months. By junior or senior year, I had narrowed it down and was pretty sure I wanted to study eng...
The city of brotherly love. Also known as: Queenie’s hometown.
Queenie | October 16, 2018
Despite it being three years since I’ve been at Penn, I still remember very vividly my college application process. Many of the high school students I mentor are also first-generation low-income...
A Summer of Resetting, Relaxing, and Rejuvenating
Olivia | August 28, 2018
When I moved out of my freshman dorm room in Ware College House in the beginning of May, I was in a hazy state comprised of post-finals giddiness, excitement for summer, and disbelief that my fres...
A Reflection on my First Year at Penn
Olivia | May 17, 2018
“How’s Penn? How’s your first year going?” During any of the many times people have asked me these questions over the last year, I always hesitate for a moment; not because it hasn’t ...
What makes Penn feel like home?
Seung-Hyun | April 26, 2018
A rat trap lies right in front of me as I walk into the office. The space is small – perhaps smaller than the size of a Huntsman bathroom. “Hi, come sit down,” says the woman in the office, ...