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Exploring Philadelphia on Foot
Olivia | March 11, 2019
Running has always been my way of exploring a new place. When my family and I visited Canada this summer, one of my favorite memories was exploring the city by trying out a new running route. By a...
Defining Success
Ria | March 4, 2019
In Wharton, all freshmen need to take a class called Wharton 101. It consists of a 200 person lecture and a 60 person recitation. In the lecture, the heads of departments demonstrate problem-solvi...
How I Nearly Failed My First Class At Penn
Izzy | March 1, 2019
When I was in high school, my greatest fear was failing a class. I’m exaggerating of course. There were things I feared more - spiders, heights, walking through the hallway with my backpack unzi...
A College Student Taking Her First Wharton Class
Queenie | February 21, 2019
As a senior in my last semester of Penn, I felt that I needed to create a sort of “Penn Bucket List” of things I should do before I graduate. There’s a lot of things I did do during my past ...
Tips for Surviving Your First Philadelphia Winter
Ria | February 15, 2019
Are you a west coast kid who is dreading their first winter? An equatorial individual who basks in the heat and is nervous about going to college where it’s cold? Never fear! I, a certified S...
Overcoming Fear and Finding My Best Friend
Izzy | February 8, 2019
I admit I’m a social person. I love to be with other people and I feel more energized after talking to a friend about their recent date or visit home. Still, even extroverted people, people who ...