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What True Love Looks Like – A Clinical Experience
Nina | March 3, 2016
I don’t know if you’ve ever watched a birth, but I can definitely say that it’s life changing. You can take that any way you want. Some people leave feeling nauseous, but others, like me, ar...
Kelly Writers House Isn’t Just for English Majors!
Izzy | October 25, 1018
As I venture through my senior year, it’s funny to look back on my time at Penn and see how I have shaped my Penn journey along the way. If I could draw a map of the past four years, one the mos...
Finding Mentors At Penn
Olivia | November 17, 0017
Even before I got to Penn, I received an email in the summer from my Orientation Pre-Advisor (OPA) asking about me, my interests, and offering advice from how to address professors to which classe...
Penn-Specific Ways I Practice Self Care
Kelsey | November 6, 0017
So school is stressful. I feel like it’s stressful anywhere, and Penn is no exception. People who are attracted to Penn are likely to be the types to get stressed out because we do stressful thi...