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What to Stick With in College
Olivia | October 22, 2019
Most of the students at Penn I’ve met can rattle off a long string of extracurricular activities that they participated in during high school: soccer captain, debate team, newspaper editor,...
Coming to Penn as an International Student
Ria | October 15, 2019
It is harder to get to Penn as an international student. I mean that literally—it takes me about 22 hours, door to door, to get from where I spent most of my childhood, Dubai, to Penn’s cam...
My College Search Process
Olivia | October 8, 2019
Three years ago at this time, I was attending my final college tours, editing college essays, and trying to decide where to apply early. It was a stressful few months, thinking I had to make decis...
Looking Back: My Years at Penn 
Queenie | June 3, 2019
In this post, I wanted to do some reflecting on key memories of my time at Penn. There are certain memories that stick out more than others and some memories that took a little longer to recover. ...
How Cultural Shows Became My Penn Tradition
Queenie | May 2, 2019
There are many traditions at Penn that you may have heard of: Throwing Toast at Franklin Field, marching down Locust Walk for Hey Day, and the Econ Scream in the quad. Alongside the popular and we...
Interacting with Philadelphia
Ria | May 1, 2019
When applying to college, one thing that I knew for sure was that I wanted to be in a city. I wanted an option for fun activities that weren’t on campus, I wanted the ability to get off campus w...