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My Application Process
Sophie | November 30, 2019
No one high school senior’s college process is the same as the next. Regardless of outcomes and final school placements, everyone arrives at their final destination in their own unique way. When...
Staying Centered During Finals
Ria | November 25, 2019
Finals can be a scary time. There are a lot of assignments due at once, all of which are really important. Everyone is desperately trying to bump their grades up, and it is cold and windy outside....
The Similarities Between College and My Summer Internship
Miles | November 21, 2019
For someone who loves public transportation, a job with Boston’s transit system is basically a dream come true. For the past two summers, I’ve had the privilege of working as an intern at the ...
All About My Summer Internship
Olivia | November 14, 2019
Some of my favorite experiences as an undergraduate have been my summer internship experiences. While my classes are a great way to learn important academic material, my internships have taught me...
My Fall Break with the Wharton Industry Exploration Program
Ria | November 4, 2019
One of the coolest opportunities I’ve had through Wharton so far is the Wharton Industry Exploration Program (WIEP). These are trips that happen over school breaks in a different city to explore...
My Experience with Research at Penn
Alex | October 31, 2019
Before coming to Penn, I knew that the university was renowned for its research capacities across a vast array of disciplines. With thousands of graduate students, and some of the best professiona...