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Service to Society
Kaylah Walton | October 26, 2018
Penn is a community of its own. With all of the activities at Penn, it can sometimes be hard to imagine all of the opportunities that are available in the surrounding West Philly area. While in hi...
Innovation and Interdisciplinarity
Alex B | October 25, 2018
When I first arrived at Penn, I was struck by how many different things the people around me were good at. Coming from Johannesburg, South Africa, I had never visited Penn’s campus before arrivi...
Everything You Need To Know About Penn Libraries
Izzy Lopez | October 16, 2018
Over the past four years, I’ve discovered many treasures at Penn. One of the best things I’ve found is the library. I have been a student employee at the Van Pelt Library, Penn’s central und...
Kaylah Walton | October 16, 2018
I originally came into this research university with a very strict idea of what it means to do research; I thought of scientists with lab coats and test tubes, or historians visiting an archeologi...
Changing Majors
Olivia O'Dwyer | October 16, 2018
Throughout high school, I changed my mind over what I wanted to pursue in college about every six months. By junior or senior year, I had narrowed it down and was pretty sure I wanted to study eng...
The city of brotherly love. Also known as: Queenie’s hometown.
Queenie Lam | October 16, 2018
Despite it being three years since I’ve been at Penn, I still remember very vividly my college application process. Many of the high school students I mentor are also first-generation low-income...