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“It’s Never Felt so Good to be Average” and Other Freshmen Thoughts
Olivia | September 7, 2017
After my very first college midterm, in the first class after we’d received our scores, I heard a boy in the row in front of me say, “it’s never felt so good to be so average.” He was r...
New Student (Round Two)
Zach | September 2, 2017
Transitioning to life at Penn has been an emotional roller coaster. There have been plenty of ups and downs, sudden jolts, and exciting surprises. My transition to Penn is not yet over, but every ...
Getting Comfortable Outside my Comfort Zone
Olivia | September 2, 2017
Going into Penn, I knew there were things I wanted to try, classes I wanted to take, programs and organizations I’d heard about and wrote about in my essays. I knew I wanted to explore the Kelly...
Building the Home Away from Home
Seung-Hyun | September 1, 2017
When I was a freshman living in Ware College House, my resident advisor (RA) was never quite there. She was a kind person, but I never felt that she was a resource to utilize nor someone to calmly...
Unconventional Abroad Experience
Anova | August 27, 2017
During my junior year of high school, I visited many colleges through my great touring quests and found myself consistently asking my guides about potentially going abroad in college. Perhaps this...
Rant for Growing Souls: Saying No to Say Yes
Seung-Hyun | August 26, 2017
This semester, I made the mistake of thinking that I could handle six classes on top of three jobs and three extracurricular activities. I ended up dropping my sixth class, a course titled “Grow...