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What is Independent Study?
Nina Solis | August 23, 2017
One of the benefits of being a senior is the freedom that comes along with choosing classes. For the most part, you’re done with the most time-consuming courses, workload is lighter, and you hav...
Meeting Anova
Anova Sahoo | August 19, 2017
Hopefully, some of you will one day think that my pieces in some way resonate with your life or provide useful advice. I personally signed up to be an Admissions’ blog writer to give people an h...
Deciding on Penn: Before and After
Olivia O'Dwyer | August 19, 2017
Hello, all! My name is Olivia, and I’m excited to share my freshmen year Penn experience with you through the admissions blog. I hope to give you glimpses and insight into life at Penn by sha...
Why Penn?
Julia Klayman | August 19, 2017
My senior year of high school I applied to 19 schools. By April, I was a mess. I thought the hardest part was behind me— writing applications. But then came the most daunting task of all: choosi...
An Important Introduction
Nina Solis | August 19, 2017
It’s October? It’s 2017? It’s my SENIOR YEAR?? What?! Where am I?? Although I don’t feel that my time at Penn has flown by at all, it seems like just yesterday that I started writing fo...
A True Break
Anova Sahoo | August 19, 2017
Especially when midterm season was finally over for me last week, I was ready to relax, sleep 14 hours a day, and do an absolute minimum amount of work. Being at Penn with a willingness to explore...