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My Nursing Experience
Sophie Henderson | November 20, 2018
There is no doubt that the School of Nursing at the University of Pennsylvania presents its undergraduate students with a prestigious degree program. Just by looking on the school’s website, scr...
Why You Should Stop Worrying and Enjoy Your Semester
Izzy Lopez | November 15, 2018
Stress is inevitable on a college campus. Tests, essays, work-study jobs, interviews. Sometimes, it feels like the “best years of your life” are actually the “most stressed years of your lif...
Find a Way or Make One
Ria Chinchankar | November 13, 2018
Hello! My name is Ria, and I’m a freshman in Wharton who moved to Philadelphia from Dubai. I can’t wait to share my first year learnings and adventures with you!  When I first got to c...
A Journey of Personal Growth
Queenie Lam | November 12, 2018
As a senior, I embarked on a search for meaningful courses to take during my last year at Penn. Up to this point, I restricted myself to taking classes for my major and classes that would “look ...
A Unique Move-in Experience
Chinaza Ruth Okonkwo | November 9, 2018
Unlike most freshman in the Class of 2022, I have had three separate move-in days, which means three different ways to decorate my various dorms and three different homes all before the school yea...
Lunchtime: Still Special In College
Zach Essig | November 8, 2018
If you have researched or visited Penn, I am sure that you have heard all about the four undergraduate schools, Locust Walk, the Palestra, and maybe even very “Penn” majors such as PPE (Politi...