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Making The Most of Our Time At Penn
Alex | January 31, 2020
It is, by now, a cliche to say that it’s difficult to believe how far I’ve come since filling out my Penn Application. But it’s true -- December of 2016 feels like just a few months ago, des...
How I Found My Way to Penn
Alex | December 13, 2019
I am now halfway through my junior year at Penn, and I still find myself mind-boggled that I made it here -- to this place more than 8,000 miles away from my home in Johannesburg, and lightyears a...
Finding Community
Karin | December 9, 2019
To say I was overwhelmed with the possibilities for community when I came to Penn is an understatement. With hundreds of clubs, classes, sports teams, and more, it felt like there were endless opt...
Running the Philadelphia Marathon
Olivia | December 6, 2019
Three months ago, my friends convinced me to sign up for the Philadelphia marathon. Running a marathon has always been one of my life’s bucket list items, but I never thought it would happen...
Exploring Different Classes
Olivia | December 5, 2019
I am a computer science student, but I have always loved the humanities, particularly art and literature. I knew coming into Penn that I wouldn’t just be taking engineering classes – I wanted ...
Taking a Graduate Class as an Undergrad, and Why You Should Too!
Miles | December 2, 2019
“Take a graduate-level course freshman year? There’s no way I can do that!” That was my response when my academic advisor, well aware of my obsession with public transportation, tried to con...