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Anthony Scarpone-Lambert Chalfont, PA School of Nursing

For Anthony, coming to Penn was a bit intimidating at first, but his peers and faculty are teaching him that he can handle the hard stuff and fulfill his dreams. It didn’t take long for Anthony to begin to explore the many dimensions of his interest in nursing. Penn is uniquely situated in a city filled with world-class healthcare institutions, some of which are only steps away from campus. But for Anthony, there’s no need to leave campus to get a clinical experience. Penn’s School of Nursing has an entire simulated patient floor. On the floor, which includes patient beds, computers, and all the other elements of a real hospital setting, he and his colleagues wear scrubs, carry stethoscopes, and partner with each other to practice the skills they will need when they begin their clinical rotations with real patients. 

Outside the classroom, Anthony works as an administrative assistant in the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania’s Epilepsy Center. This position is an example of the exceptional opportunities Penn offers students to explore their professional interests early in their college experience. It’s also shown Anthony more than just the clinical side of nursing. At Penn, Anthony is learning that he can take his career anywhere he imagines, from nursing administration and policy to medical research, or even healthcare law.

School of Nursing

As a Nursing Science student, your academic experience will combine clinical experiences with an exceptional liberal arts and sciences foundation. Our students and graduates become leaders who shape the future of health care practice, policy, and research.

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Residential Life and Dining

Before Penn, Anthony had no idea that he would find mentors among his professors. After attending a small group dinner with Professor Julie Sochalski, the United States’ former Chief Nurse and the Faculty Director of Hill College House, he was inspired by her work with the Obama administration. Anthony continued to attend small gatherings hosted by Professor Sochalski, as he lived next door in New College House.

Residential dining is also a source of community for Anthony, who often grabs lunch with friends for a break during the day. He enjoys the many dining options at Penn and because he is from an Italian family, food and the social connections that come with eating together have been an important part of his college experience.

Housing and Dining

Penn’s 12 College Houses are dynamic communities that reflect the spirit of the University. In our thriving residential community, professors and graduate students live among undergraduates, offering mentorship, support, and collaboration all within a lively campus living environment. With so many great and diverse dining choices on and around campus, meals are central to collaboration and culture here.

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Campus Support

You may recognize Anthony. As a child, he appeared in two Broadway productions, and as a senior in high school, when he posted his video reaction to receiving his Penn acceptance letter on Youtube, the video went viral.  Millions of people across the world have now seen Anthony’s video and have shared in his sheer delight at being accepted to Penn. As excited as he was to be admitted, he feels Penn has exceeded his expectations. He has shared his Quaker pride as a Penn ambassador and client care specialist in the Office of Admissions, and led campus tours. Anthony, a first-generation college student, also contributed to the IvyG Conference at Penn, an inter-Ivy League first-generation college student network that launched in 2015.

Student Support

The Wellness at Penn initiative provides support, resources, and practical tools for wellness across the Penn community. It affirms wellness as a core priority and necessary driver of life on campus; and it offers a wide range of opportunities to reflect and engage on issues of wellness, stress, mental health, resilience, happiness, personal and academic goals, and the meaning of success. 

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Political and Social Advocacy

Anthony also spends time on the Undergraduate Assembly (UA), an elected, representative student government organization that advocates for positive change for students. The UA lobbies for tangible change at Penn based on student needs, represents students to administrators and outsiders, brings different student groups together, provides services to improve student quality of life, and funds other branches of student government.  To him, UA is a symbol of the pride and care that students feel about their role in helping Penn continue to improve.

Student Activities

Live your passions at Penn—and find others who share them. Penn is home to over 450 student groups that cover everything from academics, the arts, community service, cultural groups, political groups, and recreational organizations. Can't find exactly what you want? Starting a club and creating a community is easy and accessible.

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