Students on Locust Walk

Resources & Opportunities

Here at Penn, we don’t believe that “too much support” exists. As you explore all that Penn has to offer and begin creating your own path, you’ll find that our community of students, faculty, and staff are always here to help.

Our students do more than just study–we promise! When our students aren’t in the classroom, they’re taking advantage of the wide range of resources, clubs, organizations, and activities on campus (and beyond!) Whether you’re looking for a new club, or to explore a new part of the world, take our word for it that there are enough academic, cultural, global, environmental, performing arts, religious, media, and social opportunities for you to get involved with! And believe us, the list goes on…

We also provide substantial wellness resources catered to your mental and physical health to create an environment where openness and acceptance are centered and encouraged. Our student support services are here every day to provide our students with the support they need to thrive. Because you know who needs a little help sometimes? Everyone.