Weingarten Center

Weingarten Center

At Penn, we believe access to academic support should be available to everyone. The Weingarten Center has all the tools you need to improve your learning experience.

The Weingarten Center is our central hub on campus for providing academic support for all students. As a student you can drop by or make appointments to suit all your study needs. Weingarten offers learning consultations to improve your academic reading, writing, study strategies, and time management. Or, if you have questions about a specific subject or particularly challenging class, visit the tutoring center for extra help!

The Tutoring Center offers Penn undergraduate students free, accessible, and convenient options to supplement their academic experience. Tutoring is available one-on-one and in groups, by appointment and walk-in. Open to all students, the center also has a special program for athletes, to assist them in balancing their academic responsibilities with the time demands of their practice schedules, travel, and tournaments.

Weingarten also provides professional services for students who self-identify with disabilities. Our Disability Services Specialists are ready to work with you if you are seeking accommodations such as accessible housing, dining, communication, and technology throughout your time at Penn. Admitted students are encouraged to register with Disability Services upon matriculation so we can get you the support you need as quickly as possible.


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