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Dean Whitney Soule

I’ve worked in college admissions for 30 years, and I focus on building bridges between what  ‘has been’ and what ‘can be’ so that the whole process can become less complicated yet still effective for students to find their way into college.  I especially love meeting new students when they arrive each year because it’s so fun to match them to the stories and information that we know from their applications!

I love coffee, running, snacking all day, and laughing.  I have two dogs – a super sweet Labrador and a nutty English Bulldog, and I can be easily distracted by silly dog memes. My favorite location on Penn's campus is the entire stretch of Locust Walk, and I love authentic Philly cheesesteaks. You can reach me at

Dean Soule | September 22, 2021
Good news! The admissions team at the University of Pennsylvania wants to get to know the real you, and we’ve just updated our recommendation requirements to make it even easier for you to choos...