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Michelle is a leader on and off the court.

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Social Sciences

Since Michelle was young, she has had an interest in media and communications, specifically social media. As she jumped into classes at Penn, she was left deciding between Economics and Communications as potential majors. After she took the class Introduction to Communication Behavior with Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies at the Annenberg School for Communication, Dr. Amy Jordan, she elected to pursue Communications. During the summer before her senior year, with some guidance from the Director of Student Services at Annenberg, Michelle spent the summer working at the Fox Network in the Advertising Sales group. Connecting her classroom skills to practical work experience with a national network is just the type of media experience that she hopes to continue with in the future.  

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Sports & Recreation

As the Winner of the First Team All-Ivy Selection award and 2017 Ivy League Player of the Year for the Penn Women’s basketball team, Michelle is a highly accomplished athlete. She is known by her teammates as a leader and as a student who brings people together across campus. She credits her coaches Mike McLaughlin and Chris Day with helping her envision the type of player that she wants to be. Michelle is a power forward for her team and the first player in conference history to have more than 1,000 points, 1,000 rebounds, and 300 blocks.

Social Impact

After Hurricane Harvey hit her hometown of Houston in August 2017, Michelle wanted to take action to help. Having been engaged in meaningful volunteer work throughout her time at Penn, her interest in getting involved with the hurricane relief effort in her hometown was a natural connection. As a proud Texan, Michelle started a GoFundMe page that raised $4,000 to help those effected by the storm. The money went directly to the victims of Hurricane Harvey through the relief fund run by the Mayor of Houston. With Michelle’s interest in making a big impact, and the support from teammates, classmates, friends, and mentors, she changed many people’s lives during a very challenging time.

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Service to Society

In her senior year, Michelle was nominated and selected as a member of the Penn Friars Senior Society. This organization dates back to 1899, and recognizes around 30 seniors who have made significant contributions to Penn across all areas of campus life. With community service at the heart of this organization, The Penn Friars Society sponsors activities like walks for AIDS and MS, collaborations with Habitat for Humanity, and events like “Cookies for a Cause.” Michelle is making a lasting impact on the Penn community.

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