More than 270 years later, our students continue to use the new discoveries, theories, and knowledge produced every day on our campus to solve problems in the world. As an office, we serve this mission by seeking students who care deeply about the world they will inherit and who aspire to use their education to effect positive change.

It is with great purpose that we approach the charge of helping students find the right college -- a sentiment we know you share. Working closely with you, our goal is to identify those students most likely to thrive in and contribute to the Penn community. 

We aim to be a helpful presence in your communities throughout the year and look forward to a strong partnership and shared engagement.

Application Advice Videos 

Welcome to the first installment of our application advice videos where we have distilled important themes from our on-campus information session into a series of animated videos. These videos aim to provide useful tips and practical advice for students completing their college applications.

We hope this will be a helpful teaching and advising tool for your work with students, families, and other educators. Please note that subtitles are provided in both Spanish and English.

Footage courtesy of University of Pennsylvania Communications and Philly By Drone.

Each year, the University of Pennsylvania Admissions Selection Committee seeks to enroll a class of 2,445 scholars, scientists, artists, athletes, and entrepreneurs.

Statistics for the admitted class, including the total number of applications, admitted student demographics, diversity, sex, and testing ranges.

An introduction to and resource for the world of higher education presented by Eric J. Furda, Dean of Admissions at the University of Pennsylvania, and Penn class of 1987.

Annual research funding in excess of $851 million means that there are opportunities for every Penn undergraduate to engage in research.

We welcome you to contact your regional admissions officer with any questions about the admissions process.

2019-2020 Counselor Newsletter
2019-2020 Counselor Newsletter
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