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Thanksgiving as a Californian
Anova | September 27, 2017

There’s many students from the west coast at Penn. In fact, after Pennsylvania, New York, and New Jersey, the state sending the greatest number of students to this institution is California. However, with the minimum 6 and a half hour flight distancing us from home, Thanksgiving Break can be pretty different for us relative to other students. Here is what I do at least:

1. The Day of Appointments

Since we can’t easily take a train ride home to get our bi-annual dental checkup for instance, the first day of every 4-day break for me is a series of at least 3 appointments. You’d be surprised to see how it all adds up from visiting the optometrist to the bank notary.

2.  Being Fed

Whether your family traditionally celebrates Thanksgiving or not, chances are you miss home cooked food, and your parents are concerned about what you eat in the dining hall. My mom especially will make everything I like and will keep serving me more till I’m about to explode.

3. Catching up with Friends

There’s usually not much time for this since you’re pretty much in and out of the house in 3 days accounting for that long plane journey. Grabbing coffee at odd times is my way of maneuvering around all of the party invites and still having time for people.

4. Black Friday Shopping

I’m not too much of a shopper myself, but every time I come back from Penn, I feel like I need a lot of stuff.  It’s the little things like furry socks that you don’t want to go to Center City for which add up and warrant a trip to the mall.

Ultimately, the break’s pretty short unless you live near the East Coast. However, it is still possible to take a few days to relax before all of the final projects and exams begin!

About the author

I’m a California native from the Silicon Valley in the Life Sciences and Management dual-degree program between the College and Wharton. On campus, I’m involved in 180 Degrees Consulting, the Student Federal Credit Union, and the Penn Undergraduate Biotech Society. Additionally, I’m working with a professor in London on Health Economics Research. In my free time, I love exploring restaurants (ask me for my color-coded restaurant week spreadsheet), painting, traveling, and most of all taking a nap outside on College Green.

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