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How I Got Involved with the Pan Asian American Cultural House
Ria | February 28, 2020
The Pan-Asian American Cultural House, also known as PAACH, is a place on campus that has come to mean a lot to me in a short amount of time. It is one of the three cultural resource centers on ca...
Finding Community
Karin | December 9, 2019
To say I was overwhelmed with the possibilities for community when I came to Penn is an understatement. With hundreds of clubs, classes, sports teams, and more, it felt like there were endless opt...
A Journey of Personal Growth
Queenie | November 12, 2018
As a senior, I embarked on a search for meaningful courses to take during my last year at Penn. Up to this point, I restricted myself to taking classes for my major and classes that would “look ...
A Home Away from Home
Antía | October 24, 2017
Given that it’s Thanksgiving weekend, I originally thought it would be a good idea to write about the importance of going home over the holidays, spending time with the family, seeing old friend...