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Taking Advantage of Lunch & Learn at Wharton
Antía | December 7, 2017
At Wharton, we have the phenomenal opportunity to take our professors to lunch around campus alongside 1 or 2 peers compliment of Wharton Undergraduate Division. As a freshman, I had heard about t...
Classes, Registration, and Major Madness
Zach | September 15, 2017
The weather has finally turned cold here in University City. Once covered with students in tee shirts and sandals, Locust Walk now is host to students wearing puffer coats and boots. This change i...
Coming Out In College
Nina | May 9, 2017
Freshman year, I couldn’t even look at the LGBT center. I pretended it didn’t exist. I never really needed to walk toward that side of campus anyway, but if I happened to pass by I w...
What Makes Penn Feel Like Home
Nina | March 17, 2017
I won’t lie to you: my time at Penn has been very difficult. I have endured many struggles here, and at times I’ve felt very lost. My first blog post was a description of how hard it was for m...
Dealing with Loss in College
Nina | March 8, 2017
We’re proud of our bloggers for the personal stories they choose to share.  The topic of this essay, loss of a loved one in college, may be triggering for some, and we’d encourage anyone ...
Penn-Specific Ways I Practice Self Care
Kelsey | November 6, 0017
So school is stressful. I feel like it’s stressful anywhere, and Penn is no exception. People who are attracted to Penn are likely to be the types to get stressed out because we do stressful thi...