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Winter Break: Global Seminar Edition
Kaylah | March 22, 2019
Winter Break usually means a time to relax and de-stress from the fall semester; but this year, I had other plans for my break. Going into my senior year, I knew I was interested in taking one of ...
Defining Success
Ria | March 4, 2019
In Wharton, all freshmen need to take a class called Wharton 101. It consists of a 200 person lecture and a 60 person recitation. In the lecture, the heads of departments demonstrate problem-solvi...
How I Nearly Failed My First Class At Penn
Izzy | March 1, 2019
When I was in high school, my greatest fear was failing a class. I’m exaggerating of course. There were things I feared more - spiders, heights, walking through the hallway with my backpack unzi...
A College Student Taking Her First Wharton Class
Queenie | February 21, 2019
As a senior in my last semester of Penn, I felt that I needed to create a sort of “Penn Bucket List” of things I should do before I graduate. There’s a lot of things I did do during my past ...
My Research Experience Abroad
Kaylah | January 8, 2019
The summer before senior year of college is always the time when students scurry to find meaningful internships and jobs that will help to define their post-undergraduate path. In my final summer ...
What’s Your Plan?: How to Navigate Career Questions During the Holidays
Izzy | December 21, 2018
With the holiday season quickly approaching, so too is the season of parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and your nextdoor neighbor asking you The Question. You know what I’m talking ...