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Being on the Other Side - My Experience Being a TA
Olivia | April 29, 2019
This spring, I’ve taken on a new role in my Penn education - for the first time, I am a TA for a class. Short for Teaching Assistant, TAs form the backbone of many Penn classes. Particularly in ...
My Honors Thesis Experience
Kaylah | April 25, 2019
Out of the 34 classes that I have taken at Penn, it may be surprising that my favorite course was actually not what you might think of as a course in the traditional sense. I started my independen...
What I Learned During Alternative Spring Break Trip
Ria | April 24, 2019
There are probably a million and one ways to spend spring break, but the trip that I went on a few weeks ago during that time is arguably the best. Through a program at Penn called Alliance fo...
A Day in the Life of a Penn Quaker
Queenie | March 25, 2019
What does a college student’s day look like? This is something I fantasized about as a high school senior after I received my acceptance from Penn. I couldn’t wait to spend my days studying in...
Winter Break: Global Seminar Edition
Kaylah | March 22, 2019
Winter Break usually means a time to relax and de-stress from the fall semester; but this year, I had other plans for my break. Going into my senior year, I knew I was interested in taking one of ...
Defining Success
Ria | March 4, 2019
In Wharton, all freshmen need to take a class called Wharton 101. It consists of a 200 person lecture and a 60 person recitation. In the lecture, the heads of departments demonstrate problem-solvi...