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Hello, I am Sydney, and no, I am not from Australia! I am currently a student in the School of Nursing pursuing my BSN. My campus activities consist of: the production of the children’s magazine Unearthed where I serve as Social Chair, a member of Sigma Kappa sorority, and serve as student liaison for the Nursing School where I meet with prospective nursing students. When not in my scrubs or spending time at the hospital, I enjoy hanging out with friends, knitting, watching The Office for the 10th time, and trying new restaurants around the city.  

Sydney | May 3, 2021
When I tell people I’m a nurse, the common response is “Wow that must be a lot of work.” They aren’t wrong, but we are involved in more than just clinicals, wearing scrubs, and studying fo...
Sydney | March 25, 2021
These are unprecedented times that no one could have predicted and being in nursing school during a global pandemic will be an experience I will forever remember. I have witnessed all stages of cl...
Sydney | November 10, 2020
The age-old question of “where are you going to college?” turns into a different kind of question once you are in, “why did you choose to go there?”  I discovered Penn from my gran...