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I am a sophomore from Wilmington, Delaware, studying Computer Science with interests in creative writing, art, entrepreneurship, and data science. On campus, I'm involved in a publication, a volunteer organization, religious life, and Greek life. I've loved learning more about Penn and the students here and taking advantage of all the great opportunities Penn and Philly have to offer. In my free time, I love running, cooking, exploring the city, and spending time with friends and family. As a sophomore, I'm looking forward to continuing to pursue my Penn experience to the fullest! 

Being on the Other Side - My Experience Being a TA
Olivia | April 29, 2019
This spring, I’ve taken on a new role in my Penn education - for the first time, I am a TA for a class. Short for Teaching Assistant, TAs form the backbone of many Penn classes. Particularly in ...
Exploring Philadelphia on Foot
Olivia | March 11, 2019
Running has always been my way of exploring a new place. When my family and I visited Canada this summer, one of my favorite memories was exploring the city by trying out a new running route. By a...
Paying it Forward with Access Engineering
Olivia | February 4, 2019
Before coming to Penn, I had never tried computer science. Though I was applying to the engineering school, I knew very little about the different engineering majors and didn’t know how to find ...
Going Beyond the Grades
Olivia | November 27, 2018
Before I became a CIS (Computer Science) major, I’d heard about the infamous CIS 160 class, widely known for causing hundreds of Penn students to pull all nighters each week every semester. CIS ...
Changing Majors
Olivia | October 16, 2018
Throughout high school, I changed my mind over what I wanted to pursue in college about every six months. By junior or senior year, I had narrowed it down and was pretty sure I wanted to study eng...
A Summer of Resetting, Relaxing, and Rejuvenating
Olivia | August 28, 2018
When I moved out of my freshman dorm room in Ware College House in the beginning of May, I was in a hazy state comprised of post-finals giddiness, excitement for summer, and disbelief that my fres...