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Hi, I’m Miles! I’m from Boston majoring in Urban Studies, and I’m excited to share my Penn experiences with you. I have a huge passion for public transportation, and one of my goals before I graduate is to ride every mile of SEPTA, documenting it on my blog “Miles in Transit”. I also play the tuba in the Penn Band.

Taking a Graduate Class as an Undergrad, and Why You Should Too!
Miles | December 2, 2019
“Take a graduate-level course freshman year? There’s no way I can do that!” That was my response when my academic advisor, well aware of my obsession with public transportation, tried to con...
The Similarities Between College and My Summer Internship
Miles | November 21, 2019
For someone who loves public transportation, a job with Boston’s transit system is basically a dream come true. For the past two summers, I’ve had the privilege of working as an intern at the ...
My Experiences in the Penn Band
Miles | January 28, 2019
I knew from the very beginning that I was going to do music at Penn. As fun as singing is for me, I didn’t think I had the chops to join one of the university’s many a capella groups. I consid...
Escaping the Penn Bubble
Miles | December 5, 2018
Hi, I’m Miles! I’m a freshman in the College studying Urban Studies, and I’m obsessed with public transportation. As a secondary goal to actual, you know, academics, I want to ride every mil...