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Hey there! I’m Karin and I’m a student in the College of Arts and Sciences. At the moment I’m undeclared, but I’m planning on studying International Relations and French and Francophone Studies, with a minor in Legal Studies & History. On-campus, I write for 34th Street Magazine, the premier arts and culture magazine on campus, I present with the College Cognoscenti, sit on the boards of the Admissions Dean’s Advisory Board and Penn Israel Alliance, and I work at Penn Hillel. Off-campus, my favorite thing to do is explore new parts of Philadelphia, and even as a born and bred Philadelphian, I still find myself discovering new parts of the city, often through food! 

Philadelphia and Beyond!
Karin | February 27, 2020
While I love the excitement that comes with being on campus during the week, sometimes the best way to relax and unwind without taking a full-blown vacation is leaving University City and explorin...
Adding an Interschool Minor
Karin | February 12, 2020
As a sophomore in the College, it’s known that I don’t have to declare my major until next semester. But with minors, there’s much more flexibility in that I can declare a minor my junior or...
Finding Community
Karin | December 9, 2019
To say I was overwhelmed with the possibilities for community when I came to Penn is an understatement. With hundreds of clubs, classes, sports teams, and more, it felt like there were endless opt...
How I Decided To Come to Penn
Karin | October 29, 2019
My college application process was overwhelmed with feelings of fear, excitement, joy, and doubt all at once. I was worried about financial aid prospects, whether or not I’d get into my top coll...